FoodJet has the Flexibility - Reconfigure your system to a completely different process within minutes

FoodJet has the Accuracy – Millisecond timing and precise pressure control for excellent image and weight repeatability

FoodJet has the Efficiency – With conveyor speeds up to 30 meters per minute, high volumes are possible


Continuous development through innovation

FoodJet has developed a way to digitally print tailor-made edible high-viscosity decorations directly onto mass-produced food products. In many industrial dosing applications, FoodJet printing heads are gaining ground against conventional dosing equipment, for purely practical benefits : increased flexibility, accuracy and efficiency.

The FoodJet printers do not apply ink, but the liquid foodstuff itself, such as chocolate, tomato sauce, icing or dough. Any pattern of viscous liquid can be added at high capacity, up to a hundred thousand printed items per hour. FoodJet technology builds quality improvement through continuous innovation into the development process. For several years this patented technology has been successfully deployed in over a hundred food producing companies world-wide.

The technology allows their operators to rapidly switch from one design to another, increase the productivity and make new products that otherwise just would not have been possible to produce on industrial scale. A revolution in the food industry.